Wig Density Guide – How to Know Wig density?

How to know wig density?

Normally wig density is 130%, if you need a thicker hair wig,we recommend 150% or 180%, if you need much thicker hair,

we recommend 200%, only few people request 250% thickness wig,it is too much hair.

Please check following wig density chart,so you can choose the right one for yourself.

  • 130 density wig is considered a normal density. It is a popular density level that provides a natural and realistic appearance without being too bulky or heavy. A 130 density wig is suitable for people with fine to medium hair density, and it can also be styled in various ways.
  • 150 density wig refers to a wig with a higher density of hair in comparison to a 130 density wig.it is ideal for those who desire more volume and thickness, or for those with naturally thicker hair.
  • 180 density wig is considered a high-density wig, it will appear very thick and full, which can be ideal for people with extremely thin or fine hair or for those who prefer a very voluminous hairstyle. However, it is important to keep in mind that a higher density wig may also weigh more and be less breathable.
  • 200 density wig is considered an extremely high-density wig, with even more hair per square inch compared to a 180 density wig. As a result, the hair will appear very thick, full, and voluminous, making it suitable for those who prefer a dramatic or glamorous hairstyle.
  • 250 density wig is an extremely high-density wig with a very substantial amount of hair per square inch. A wig of this density level is usually more suitable for people who need a very thick and full wig.

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