30 inch Wigs Human Hair

Get ready to dazzle with our 30 inch extra long human hair wig! Elevate your style and embrace confidence like never before. Some popular hair styles for your choice.

Why buy 30 inch Wigs from Us?

Healthy Hair: Our 30-inch wigs are made from high-quality human hair. We carefully select hair that is sourced from healthy individuals and has not been dyed or permed. This ensures that the hair remains in excellent condition and lasts longer.

Hair Density: Our 30-inch human hair wigs have a density of 150% – 180%. We use a higher amount of hair compared to normal wigs, resulting in a more natural and fuller appearance.

Craftsmanship: Our skilled workers have years of experience in the wig industry, particularly in hand-tying techniques. This expertise allows us to securely attach the hair to the lace base, making it less likely to come loose or shed.

30 inch Wig Length

A 30-inch wig typically has a length of 30 inches, which is approximately 76 centimeters. When we refer to the wig’s length as 30 inches, it means that we measure the wig with all the hair in a straight texture, without any waves or curls.

Please refer to the picture below to see the length of a 30-inch wig, which typically reaches down to one’s waist. It’s important to note that the exact placement of the hair will vary depending on an individual’s height.

30 inch wig

If two wigs have the same length of 30 inches, the texture of the wig, whether it’s,straight, wavy or curly, will determine the placement of the hair and affect where it falls in terms of length.

30 inch wig