26 inch Wigs Human Hair

Introducing our 26-inch human hair wigs,Made with high-quality human hair, these wigs are soft, smooth, and incredibly realistic. Whether for everyday styling or special occasions, they enhance your charm and boosts your confidence.

Why buy 26 inch Wigs from Us

Hair Material: The collection of long hair material for 26-inch wigs has become increasingly challenging. We invest significant time in sourcing long and healthy hair from the market. Only top-grade hair is used to ensure the quality of our wigs.

Hair Density: Many 26-inch wigs available in the market appear thin due to the use of less hair during production, resulting in an unnatural look. In contrast, our 26-inch wigs are crafted with a hair density of 150% or 180%, providing a more natural appearance.

Customization: With our skilled workers boasting years of experience in the wig industry, we offer the option of customizing your wig. Contact us to discuss your requirements, and we will create a special wig tailored specifically for you.

26 inch Wig Length Chart

The 26 inch human hair wig is an long wig that reaches down to the lower-back of women. However, the length may vary depending on a person’s height.

26 inch wig

Additionally, the texture of the wig, such as waves or curls, can also affect how far it reaches on a woman.