28 inch Wigs Human Hair

28 inch wigs,made of 100% human hair, perfect for those seeking long and voluminous hairstyles.Elevate your style and embrace confidence like never before. Some popular hair styles for your choice.

Why buy 28 inch Wigs from Us

Healthy Hair: Our 28 inch wigs are made from high-quality human hair. We carefully select hair that is sourced from healthy individuals and has not been dyed or permed. This ensures that the hair remains in excellent condition and lasts longer.

Hair Density: Our 28 inch human hair wigs have a density of 150% – 180%. We use a higher amount of hair compared to normal wigs, resulting in a more natural and fuller appearance.

Customization: Our skilled workers have years of experience in the wig industry. If you want a customized wig, please feel free to contact us. We can create a special wig just for you.

28 inch Wig Length Chart

The 28 inch human hair wig is an extra-long wig that reaches down to the waist of women. However, the length may vary depending on a person’s height.

26 inch wig length chart

Additionally, the texture of the wig, such as waves or curls, can also affect how far it reaches on a woman.

There are four texture options available for 28 inch wigs: straight, body wave, deep wave, and kinky curl. These styles are particularly popular among African American women.

28 inch wig length