Yaki Wigs

A Yaki wig is a special type of human hair wig with a light yaki texture, favored by many African American women who appreciate Yaki lace front wigs that perfectly match their natural texture.

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Features of Yaki Wigs

The Yaki wig is one of the popular choices for African American women. Yaki straight texture is similar to kinky straight but with a smaller texture. It also closely resembles the natural hair of African American women, making it a preferred option. This similarity to their natural hair is why they like it.

Yaki human hair wig has a slightly coarse texture, feeling straight like steel. This texture is also known as the steel texture. If you are looking to change your look from silky straight hair, trying a yaki wig is the perfect choice.

We offer yaki hair wigs in lengths ranging from 10 inch to 24 inch for you to choose from. Short yaki wigs are more popular for women. You can also choose between a yaki lace front wig and a yaki full lace wig depending on your preference.


Don’t restyle the yaki texture to other hair textures such as wavy, curly, or silky straight.

Don’t dye it to other colors. It will harm to the hair quality and make it more prone to breakage.