Long Wigs

Long wigs typically range from 18 to 30 inches, offering a variety of popular styles and colors to suit your preference. Long human hair wigs are favored by many women as they provide the allure of lengthy locks instantly. Embrace the convenience and versatility of long wigs, effortlessly enhancing your look with the elegance of cascading hair in minutes.

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Long Human Hair Wigs

Long wigs typically refer to wigs with a length longer than 18 inch. More women than ever are willing to wear long wigs, whether you are experiencing hair loss or simply have a long hair dream deep in your hearts. A long wig is the best solution to fulfill your desire.

Long Wigs Color, Length & Texture

We offer long hair wigs ranging from 18 to 30 inch, providing option from long hair to extra long hair. The most popular color is natural black, more color options at Findingdream, such as dark brown,chocolate brown,light brown, 613 blonde, honey blonde,ombre,highlight and etc. I am sure you can find the right color to match your style.

We also provide a various of hair textures, with the popular options are straight,bob, body wave, kinky curl and kinky straight. You can also customize hair textures based on our hair wigs to create the dream look yourself.

Long Black Wigs

Our long black wigs are made of natural black hair ranging from 18 inch to 30 inch in length. The natural black color is without dying, creating most realistic looks for the wearers. Many women with darker skin tone like the long black wigs very much.

Long Brown Wigs

Our long brown wigs are with light brown to dark brown, ranging from 18 inch to 30 inch. If you are looking for quality long brown wigs, You can find the perfect long brown hair wigs at Findingdream.

Long Blonde Wigs

613 long blonde wigs are the best sellers, especially popular among Black women. The blonde long wigs can be the highlight of their fashion style, adding a lively and vibrant touch to their overall look. It can be considered the finishing touch.

Long Hair Wigs Features

More Realistic

Our long hair wigs are made of 100% human hair. Additionally, each wig features a lace section in its cap construction. The hair is crafted onto the lace one by one, creating a natural appearance as if it were growing from your own scalp. Your friends may not even realize you are wearing a wig unless they observe from very close proximity.

Less Time in Styling

Wearing a wig can help you create a completely new style and look without styling your own hair daily. All you need to do is maintain your wig’s style or change it after a few days for a different appearance. This can save you a significant amount of time each morning before heading to work.

Protect Natural Hair

Wearing a long wig can protect your natural hair from heating, sunshine and dust. This allows your natural hair to recover from any unhealthy conditions.