• Findingdream is a Luxury hair extensions manufacturer, established in 2008,we are aiming to be one of the most reliable luxury human hair extensions suppliers.
  • From hair extensions design to curating our signature shades, we strive for excellence every step of the way,we take care of every details of processing.
  • Our hair is sourced directly from verified distributors who have a long-standing reputation for ethically sourcing quality human hair. All hair is sold or exchanged freely and fairly.
  • From hair processing to sustainable packaging, care for the environment and our communities is at the heart of us.

Stable Material

  • Collection high quality hair material become important for any hair factory.we have established reliable relationship with hair material vendors for 10+ years.
  • We can always have enough,stable and high-quality material to make order process for our customers.

Stable Workers

  • Our employees are very stable, more than 80% of them have worked with us for 5 years, their technology is stable, and the quality of our orders is consistent.
  • They all love this job very much. In addition to getting their due salary, they feel pleasure and superiority from their work.

Meet Our Team

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Johnathan Doe

Founder & CEO