U Part Wig Vs. V Part Wig – Which is suitable for You? (Test Article)


People keep asking me about U – part Wigs and V – part Wigs. When it comes to protecting your hair, while also flaunting fabulous hairstyles, there should be no compromise in the propriety of the wigs used. Before selecting the right kind of wig, therefore, you should be familiar with all available options. So today I’m going to acquaint you with the U – Part and V – Part types of wigs.

What is a U – Part Wig?

Also known as three – by – four wigs, these are wigs sewn on U – shaped wig caps. Underneath, they have fine sheer and clips. They come in various sizes to suit your needs. You can also choose from centre, middle or side u – part, as per your style preferences. As it comes with an opening, it allows your natural hair space to breathe.

Pros and Cons of U Part Wigs


  • Natural Looking due to the addition of your natural hair into the mix.
  • Easy and quick to wear, with just 6 simple steps.
  • Breathable and comfortable for your hair as the u shaped part is constructed on top of the wig. This makes it possible for you to flaunt your natural hair along with the wig.
  • Affordable Price makes it easy on your pockets.
  • Easy access to natural hair allows for regular shower and proper maintenance. This is helpful in healthy hair growth.
  • Last up to a year with proper care.


  • The need to leave out more of your natural hair might not be convenient for everyone; especially if you have thinning hair.
  • The sheer mesh underneath the wig means excessive tugging and pulling will ruin its shape and look.
  • Frequent changes in hairstyles will overrule the point of defensive styling, as too much of natural hair get pulled.
  • The wig brush that needs to be used to affix the wig on your hair may result in hair breakage
  • The u part wig needs to be taken out before bed and shower every day. This makes them more time – consuming.

What is a V – Part Wig?

This modified half wig, also known as a V – shape human hair wig, has a v – shaped opening on top. It is a wig sewn on a V – shaped wig cap. The small v – shaped opening can be used to blend your natural hair in order to create a natural hairline.

Pros and Cons of V – Shaped Wigs


  • It is a very comfortable upgrade to U – part wigs.
  • It allows for no leave – out or minimal leave – out, thus protecting your natural hair.
  • It gives you a higher flexibility for various hairstyle changes.
  • It is easy to wear and even beginners with zero skills can easily use it.
  • Made with 100 % human hair, with zero glue or synthetics, it protects you from scalp irritation and pulling of skin.


  • Small leave out means less blending of natural hair with the wig, making it less realistic than u – shaped wigs.
  • People with thin hair may face the problem of improper coverage of the leave – out.
  • Being glue less, it can only be worn for a short time – duration. It needs to be taken out before bed or shower.
  • People with a sensitive scalp may feel uncomfortable using the clip and comb required to fix the wig.
  • Being glue less, it can only be worn for a short time – duration. It needs to be taken out before bed or shower.Being glue less, it can only be worn for a short time.

Differences between U – Part Wig and V – Part Wig

Shape of opening

The U – Part Wig has a U shaped opening, while the V – Part Wig has a V shaped opening.

Leave Out

There is a significant amount of leave – out in the U – Shaped Wig as compared to the 99 – 100 % lesser leave – out of the V – Shaped Wig.

Band Cutting

The Human U – Part Wig has a band that needs to be cut before installation. However, the V – Part Wig doesn’t have any band, thus eliminating the need of cutting it before installation.

U – Part or V – Part,Which One should you choose?

As per the points mentioned above, the V – Part wig will work best for you if you have a problem of thinning hair or baldness. As the opening in this wig is almost zero, there are no chances of your thinning hair showing from below the wig and messing with your look.

However, if you do not have any thinning problem and have got a full head of hair, you should consider going for a U – Part wig, which will give a more natural and impeccable hair style look.

Make sure to do a proper research on all the available options in the market and choose according to your personal needs for a protective hairstyle via a wig.

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