How to Measure Wigs Cap Size?

In the wigs market, most wigs are medium-sized and adjustable; they satisfy over 90% customer needs. However, if your head size differs than standard or you prefer a customized wig, you will need to measure your head size before purchasing a wig.

Wigs Size Chart

wig size chart

How to Measure Your Head Size?

1. Circumference:

Place the start of a soft measuring tape flat against your forehead, go down across temples, behind your ears and to the neck, then back to the start. In this way, you’d be able to get the largest circumference measurement.

2.Front to Nape:

Start measuring from ½ inch of your hairline on forehead, extend it across the top of your head to the nape.

3.Ear to ear across forehead:

Align measuring tape to hairline, start measuring from the top of left ear and extend to the top of right ear across forehead.

4.Ear to ear across top of head:

Start measuring from the top of left ear and extend to the top of right ear across top of head at a straight line.

5.Temple to temple around back of head:

Align measuring tape to hairline, starting from left temple, go around the back of your head, to the right temple.

6.Nape of neck:

Measure across the nape of your neck to determine the width of your hairline.

You can measure your head size and compare it with the wig size chart above.

If you find your measurement is in between two sizes, please choose the larger size. If you need a customized wig, please provide your detailed measurements and submit request so we can manufacture wigs accordingly.

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