How to Join and use our affiliate program?

Feb 08 , 2021

Tony Zhang

How to Join and use our affiliate program?

when you consider to join our affiliate program,you need to have social media, blog or website. in fact most of people have their own social media, such as facebook, instagram, youtube, tiktok or others. if you don't have it is easy to create one.

Let's introduce step by step

Step 1. Easy to join with us,you can create an account from the link

Step 2. We will check and approve your application.

Step 3. You can login panel with your account after approving.You will see the following panle after logging in.

 You will see the refered link,this is the unique link for you, you can copy the link and add to your social media, when people click the link,they will visit our main page of website, you will get 10% of the refered order.

Step 4. If you are interested in some of our products, or special catalog,you can create the customized link for the products or catalog by click the "link generator"

Step 5. Paste the uniqe and shorten link to your social media

Facebook Post For Example:

Youtube Channel For Example:

Step 6.
You can check how much you earn by refered orders. We will pay you when the balance more than $100